Writing: Finishing

I finished my third manuscript tonight.  I had only a small tiny bit of tying up and editing but I have been putting it off for a while.  I always feel a little lost when I finish a story.  And a little bit like someone has sucked all the air out of the room and I can’t breathe.  I suppose it’s natural to feel this way.  I’m saying goodbye to characters who have inhabited my life for the duration of the writing.  My mind feels entirely too quiet without their voices.  Ah but the void is good because new voices and characters who have waited patiently in the wings of my imagination begin to cry out for attention.  Pick me!  Pick me!

I’m really glad that I waited to finish the very end for a while.  It gave me time to get used to the idea of letting the characters go before I actually had to.  It also gave me time to get my thoughts in order for the next story and to plan and prepare. I feel happy to have finished and excited to begin the next one but I also feel like celebrating.  It’s important to celebrate when we finish a story.  It’s an amazing gift to be a writer and to explore new worlds with our imaginations.  We are the lucky ones because we are never truly alone.  There are so many characters inside of us waiting to get out!  

Going to have some celebratory watermelon (it’s late and I don’t want to cook anything or go to the store).  Then it’s back to work.  A new world, new characters, mysteries, plot devices, dialogue and conflict await!  Here I go again down the rabbit hole!  B


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