Writing: Time Warp

I’ve been editing my manuscript the last few days and I’ve noticed a very strange phenomenon.  For the purposes of this blog entry, let’s call it a time warp.

So I’m working on revising my MS when I glance down at the clock.  An hour has mysteriously disappeared.  I am unconcerned.  I continue working then look up to discover another hour has been sucked away. I look around.  All seems well enough. I glance away from the clock for the tiniest second and whoosh – another hour is missing. It keeps happening.  Over and Over.  At first I’m curious but as time passes, I begin to feel a little haunted.

A noise startles me and I jump.  My shoulders ache and my hands are sore.  What could I have done to cause this excruciating stiffness in my body? How is it that I felt none of this while I was writing?  I wonder. Is writing an analgesic?  Or is it like meditation that strips time and space away while I’m lost in the middle of a creative burst?

I started working at 3 p.m. today (or is that yesterday?) and now I’m staring at the clock and it’s 5:53 a.m.  I feel a little unsettled.  I’m in a groove and the writing is flowing.  Do I risk losing a few more hours and the ability to move tomorrow (or is that today?) or do I walk away and pray for the same creative burst to take over tomorrow (or today)?

I hear my bed calling but the characters’ voices are louder.  What do I do?

Can you hear me singing?  “Let’s do the time warp again!”  B

(PS: I’m going to bed. All is well.)


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