Writing: Listening

I’ve been glued to the computer knee deep in edits lately.  Today I’m taking a break to read some books on writing and to listen to my manuscript.

One of the books recommended listening to it at a slower pace and without emotion to get the real feel of the style and voice.  I found a great website called Natural Reader.  You can upload your work to the site or can download a free version of the program.  At the site, the voice is male.  The free voice is female.  It’s interesting to hear the contrast.

It’s a strange experience to hear a monotone voice reading your work but it does make issues stand out.  So often when I read my own work, I tend to add the emotion and syntax.

Working like a fiend to get the edits done.  Going well but helps to take a day away to see the forest instead of one tree!  B


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