Writing: Learning Curve

WOW! I thought writing a book was hard but it’s nothing compared to the work of figuring out the publishing industry. So much to learn, so much to research, so much time away from writing.

Wanted to let you know about a website I stumbled across. More great opportunities to get interest in your writing.  I encourage you to check out Brenda Drake’s blog (http://www.brenda-drake.com/) where you can learn about Pitch Madness and PitMad. The next opportunity to join in the crazy fun is June for PitMad and August for Pitch Madness. Definitely looking forward to participating this year! Details on her website but I also encourage you to subscribe. I’m learning so much just reading her blog entries.

Haven’t been blogging much lately. Working on refining a couple of manuscripts to get them ready. Truth is I’m struggling with the queries. Okay so you have 250 words to describe your brilliant X thousand word manuscript. Then you have to distill that down to 35 words for a hook. Impossibly difficult. Plus every time I think I finally have it, after a day or two of letting it marinate, I discover there’s more to refine. Hard, hard, hard. If I didn’t love writing so much, I would probably throw my hands up and scream. Okay so maybe I still do that but then its right back to it.

Still searching for a job. Job market is tough. Have had several second interviews but no offers. Hopefully I will have better luck when I start querying. Already got my first rejection out of the way. Whew that was potentially soul destroying!

Writer’s Digest has articles on successful queries so if you are having the same difficulty, I suggest you check it out. They also have a lot of great articles. I spent several hours just reading articles.

Back to it. Hours to go before I sleep, perchance to dream. Belinda

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