First Cut Writer’s Voice 2015

My entry into the Writer’s Voice 2015 was successful. I am one of 200 authors entered into the first round (selection by raffle so entirely random). By June 4th, the 200 will be winnowed down to 32; four teams of eight writers each.

While I’m excited about the opportunity to participate, I have spent the last two days reading the other contestants’ entries and have to say I am so glad I am not one of the judges. I have no idea how they will choose only 8 of the 200. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around that.

I was only able to read about 190 of the entries before the links were taken down but the diversity, depth and extraordinary scope of imagination was both satisfying and mind-blowing. It’s easy to get locked into my own world and forget there are other worlds and stories to explore. While my writing tends to fall in the YA category, I found myself drawn to middle grade stories. Fun, quirky and totally unique. Brought back memories of my childhood.

Even if not selected for the final 32, I am very pleased to be part of the 200 and am so glad I entered. Best wishes and good luck to all the contestants!

Happy giraffes! B


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