Writing: Status Report

Although there is still a chance for my Writer’s Voice entry to be selected by tomorrow morning, I believe that I am out for now given the traffic to my site today. While I am very disappointed, I will be cheering for those writers chosen. Good luck to all of you. I wish you the best!

There were quite a few entries I thought promising so I have absolutely no idea how each of the judges were able to reduce 200 entries to eight. I wish them luck as well.

Thank you to the few participants who left lovely comments. Your words are inspiring me to work harder so perhaps we will meet again in another competition or one day I’ll see your work at my local bookstore. Yes, I’ve made a list.

As for me, I am plugging along swimmingly. Revising and editing and writing like a crazy person. Okay so maybe I was already a little crazy and writing makes me sane. I wanted to write an article about handling disappointment but I have no sage words of advice for anyone except: Treat yourself well. Even if everything is going amazingly. I recommend punch and will leave my recipe below.

Eat well. Sleep well. Live well and keep on writing no matter how steep the learning curve, how difficult giving up parts of yourself during editing, and no matter how much you want to give up. There’s a reason you started writing and a reason it fills your soul. Keep at it. Trust your instincts and breathe! That’s what I’m going to do, especially on the difficult days.

And now for the punch recipe: The original recipe came from my Betty Crocker Cookbook (Apple-Orange punch) but made way too much for me and my niece, Jillyan, so we experimented and discovered a quick and easy way to make a similar punch by the glassful.

You’ll need an individual bottle of apple juice and orange juice (pineapple or lemon juice optional), sherbet and a can of ginger ale.

Fill a large insulated cup with as much sherbet as you want or can eat. We have tried orange, mint, raspberry and want to try pineapple and lemon next. The orange is really the best and Prairie Farms Natural Fruit Orange Sherbet beat out all the others in our informal taste test.  Neither of us cared for the raspberry sherbet but we don’t like raspberry in general. The fruit is okay but the artificial flavoring not so good.

In a separate cup, mix apple juice and orange juice to taste. I like to add pineapple juice to mine but Jillyan says it tastes like armpits. You can also add a tiny bit of lemon juice (original recipe had lemonade concentrate). Sometimes we do but usually we skip it. Jillyan mixes her juice in a separate cup but I like to live dangerously and just pour it in and then add more or less as needed.

Once you have the juice to taste, pour it into your cup then add ginger ale (we love Schwepps the best – very fizzy). Pour the ginger ale slowly as the mixture will bubble quite a bit. Add straw, stir and enjoy!

It’s the best thing ever. We keep individual bottles of juice in the fridge and sherbet in the freezer at all times so we can make it quickly and often. However, Jillyan likes to drink the apple juice so I have to hide bottles  from time to time. It’s become one of our favorite things and we bought special extra large cups just for enjoying our punch.

Nothing better than to curl up on the couch, put in a much loved DVD and indulge in punch.

I highly recommend you check out the original recipe:


I served this at a bridal shower and it was a huge hit. Not your usual punch recipe- very citrus and a bit tart!

Happy Giraffes! Belinda


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