Writing: Pit Mad Recap

I participated in PitMad yesterday and I have to say it was pretty crazy. Madness!  I heard that over 50,000 tweets were sent during the twelve hour period of time and it was actually trending in Canada at one point (I have no idea why or why Canada). [Note: Just learned there were 31.4K posts, not 50,0oo]

I kept tabs open for live updates on PitMad and PitMad YA searches and watched in awe the process. Only agents were supposed to favorite posts. That was how you knew who to send your queries to. Although I received two favorites, they came from other writers. During the time I spent watching the feed, I noted there were very few tweets that had favorites.

While there were over 50,000 tweets, it was difficult to estimate the actual number of writers actually participating. I follow a few writers on twitter and one of them would post 6-10 tweets each half hour. I at first tweeted a pitch every 30 minutes to an hour but during the last few hours, people were tweeting like crazy.

I wondered how an agent would even manage to keep up with all the tweets. I tried at first to read all of them but then had to give up as there were just too many. Refreshing the page brought in a fresh new set of tweets and finding your way back to where you had last read was almost impossible. I also noticed there was a lag between submitting a tweet and seeing it come up on search. Sometimes when it did finally come up, it was already 20 or so past the top.

To all of those who actually received a favorite from an agent, I wish you the best with the querying process. Way to go!

So, will I participate again? Probably but I think my strategy will be different. I played around with writing pitches. It’s difficult to write a great pitch in 130 characters. You get 140 but adding the hashtags left you with only about 130. I tried several variations. Some summarizing the story, others written in the main character’s voice, some just pure silliness. I wish there was a way to find out which pitches actually were favorited by agents so I can study them.

If you’d like to peruse the ones I tweeted, check out https://twitter.com/beautyinvisible  Let me know what you think.

Finally got some sleep last night but now feel like a zombie. Apparently there are many PitMad participants who are experiencing the same. Great day to spend on the computer browsing tweets and checking out the entries selected to compete in the Writer’s Voice . You can check them out at: http://annettetdodd.blogspot.com/

Thanks to Annette T. Dodd for keeping track of those selected. There is also a list further down the page where you can check out the 200 original entries. Mine is #55 but I’m thinking of taking it down since it obviously needs work.

Anyone with great and pithy wisdom about writing queries and/or pitches, please contact me. Until then I am going to hang out with the Happy Giraffes! B


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