Writing: Up all Night and New Ideas

First off, I am not related to, a friend of or associated in any way with Brenda Drake, but after signing up for her blog, I have to say I am learning so much.  I’ve been reading with interest the blog entries for the June Query Workshop. Some very interesting queries to be sure but it’s the comments where I find the most fascinating tidbits. http://www.brenda-drake.com  Go. Go now. But come back please!

If you are in query hell (Hi, nice to meet you. Boy is it hot today), I highly recommend you check it out. Today was the ninth day and I am finding myself rewriting the queries in my head and actually laughing out loud at some of the comments. Perhaps more importantly, I am beginning to see much improvement in my own query writing. The learning curve for beginning writers can feel insurmountable so I’m grateful and thankful for all the help and assistance I can scrounge on the world wide web.

Spent the day at the bookstore yesterday with my niece, Jillyan. Has become one of our favorite activities. Books and Starbucks (highly recommend the double chocolate cheesecake but recommend you share it with someone. Extremely rich and chocolaty and best eaten in small increments).

So anyway, Jillyan usually finds a good manga to read while I scour books in my genre to scan, read and sometimes buy. The best writers must be voracious readers if we want to succeed. My beta reader suggested that, because everything else is awesome, reading would be the best way to improve my writing. Taking that advice to heart! Definitely seeing some marked improvement in my book collection but not sure how much is showing up in my writing. It’s subtle.

Last night about ten p.m. I sat down to write. Finally called it quits and went to bed about 9:00 a.m. Fell into one of those amazing zones that I absolutely love, love, love! The story I’m writing is so compelling and I’m so excited about the characters and their interactions. It’s hard to walk away when everything is flowing easily and effortlessly.

I wrote about 5,000 words last night. Some of that was spent on outlining and fleshing out parts of the story. I try to stick to outlining but then suddenly I’m writing dialogue in the middle of it. It’s a weird hybrid of outline and story but I can see it coming together. Only 60k words to go.  LOL

The story I’m working on kind of came out of nowhere. I was walking in Wal-Mart with my niece and a story just materialized in my mind complete with characters, descriptions, names, plot points, etc. To be truthful, I have been thinking about something related to the story for a long time but it wasn’t until I was standing in Wal-Mart on a Saturday afternoon that it just jelled in my mind. I turned to Jillyan and mentioned something about it and she laughed. She thinks I’m weird but also awesome. I’m okay with that. I think I’m rubbing off on her. She wants to be a writer too so I know I’m rubbing off on her. Poor girl (Knowing her, she would say lucky but I’m the lucky one)

One last thing. Just wondering if this is me. I keep my cellphone beside my bed at night but not because I’m worried I’ll miss a call. When I’m lying in bed and a great idea or snippet of dialogue pops into my head, I use the voice recorder on the phone rather than try to write it down or get up and type it up. Just enough to make sure I’ll remember the pertinent details. A turn of phrase, a character quirk, an important turning point, even just silly stuff I want to make sure to include. Sometimes I add “I love you” at the end.

It’s fun the next day when I transcribe the messages. In the middle of the night, I’m always certain I’m making sense. Happy Giraffes!  Belinda


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