Happy New Year

Another year ends. Another year begins.

Thank you to all my followers. Though your numbers are small, I appreciate your willingness to commit to receiving future posts. Thank you to those who have liked or commented on posts. Sometimes it feels like I’m trapped in an infinite dark void writing alone and the tiny time you take to like a post or leave a comment helps remind me that my words are reaching out and there are other souls on this path.

I will be spending New Year’s Eve as I usually do. Hanging out and being silly with my niece, Jillyan. We will bake cookies, eat pizza and watch Korean dramas or animes. We usually try to watch one really, really bad movie too.

At the stroke of midnight, we will run outside screaming and coat the trees with silly string that will freeze and make my yard look like an impromptu art installation. The neighbors usually put on a good fireworks show and when the silly string runs out, we will break out the glow sticks and cheer on the neighbors with our own simpler light show. Poppers will add to the cacophony as will our voices raised in wishing 2016 a happy birthday.

However, before all the fanfare, we will sit on the couch and make a list of goals for 2016 and a list of accomplishments from 2015. It’s good to review the year and list the things you have done right. We also review our list of goals from the prior year. It’s sobering seeing all your good intentions that remained just that. But it sparks us on to work harder. Even better is identifying all the things you accomplished that weren’t on your original list.

After midnight we begin the list of firsts. Here are some from 2015. First:

Pillow Fight * Romantic Movie * Cake & Ice Cream * Honest & Frank Discussion * Item checked off my goal list * Meal out * New Restaurant * Time I laughed hysterically for ten minutes

We toast the new year with punch, watch a really good movie to offset the bad one, and stay up all night to great the sun as it rises. Exhausted, we climb into bed and dream amazing dreams.

As in 2015, getting an agent and publishing a book will be on my goal list. However, this year I intend to make both a reality. If your goal is get an agent or a book published, a friendly reminder. Agents get slammed with queries the first two months of a new year. You have a better chance if you hold off until mid-February or March. Less competition in the slush pile.

If you need help with your query letter, I recommend QueryShark.com. Not affiliated but appreciate all the great advice on the site. I, personally, haven’t been successful in getting a query reviewed, but I have made great strides in learning to write them. The internet is full of great advice for writers.

My goal for this site? To continue sharing my journey with you in 2016. Happy Giraffes! Belinda


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