Status Quo

I submitted to Pitchwars again this year. After pinging between hope and despair, I distracted myself with Korean and Chinese dramas, junk food and writing a depressing story. (Maybe that last item wasn’t such a good idea. Oops.)

A ton of talented people entered Pitchwars this year and the ratio is insane (like 5% chance of being chosen). Frankly, I have no hope of being selected, but I’m okay with that. Maybe it means I’m not ready. Maybe there were other writers more ready than me. There are a ton of reasons for not being selected. Sometimes the journey is better than the destination.

The best part of Pitchwars is the community that builds up around it. Lots of encouragement. Lots of helpful advice and information. Tons of articles. Tons of twitter feeds. I’m having fun meeting new people and making contacts. Hoping to even find a new critique partner.

My niece critiqued my entry this year. She would make a great editor! Unfortunately, I’m losing her to boys and Pokemon Go. (I’m betting on boys to win!) She’s at that age when the world opens up and new challenges present. I am lucky to live vicariously through her, but time is not on my side. She’s going to outgrow me. Not all at once and not altogether, but in a year, college and adventures she must experience on her own. Must not be greedy.

I have taken a few weeks off from writing to get some distance. Instead, I’m reading books by Pitchwars mentors. Very interesting and informative. I’ve also joined a Pitchwars subgroup for YA authors. Making contacts, meeting new people, and opening up my own world a bit.

August 25 Pitchwars Mentees will be revealed. Until them, I’m crossing my fingers and toes and praying for all the submissions to be selected and for those who are not, to go on to greater things!

Happy Giraffes! Belinda


Writing Groups & Critique Partners

Feeling very brave, I attempted to attend a writing group meeting tonight. I had never been to this meet up before and was uncertain what I would find. Six people had RSVPd for the event and thanks to my car needing gas, I was late.

I was shocked to see a full table of about 12-14 people and no more room to even add a chair. The Starbucks where they held the meet up was also overflowing with people and loud. Odd for 7:30 p.m. at night in an urban area without much nearby housing.

I had hoped I could be a proverbial fly on the wall but the noise was sufficient to drown out any distinctive voices. I guess the key to attending meet ups is to arrive early to get a good seat. Instead I grabbed a hot chocolate, set up my surface, pulled up a story and started to read.

I have a job interview coming up near the Starbucks and wanted to check out the location so the trip was not wasted. Next time I’ll be more comfortable in my surroundings, braver and much, much earlier. It looked like a lively group but the meeting was short because there was no work to critique. I will also RSVP so they know to look for me.

I’m also looking for a critique partner. purports to assist in putting together critique partners. I’m waiting approval to get into the site so will report back on that when I have a chance. Also, Goodreads also has a board where you can seek CPs. I’ve been reading some writing blogs and they continually expound on the many benefits of critique partners so I thought I might see what that feels like.

On a personal note, still unemployed. Had decided to hang up the job search and take another six months to a year to write (thank god for a healthy IRA) but it seems like job interviews and offers are coming out of the woodwork. Funny when you stop wanting something how you can’t seem to avoid it. [If only that worked in all areas of my life.] Feeling conflicted. I really just want to stay home and write; maybe consider working part time to keep my hands in it (legal administrative assistant by day), but my cat might have cancer and treatment can be expensive. What to do. What to do?

The writing and editing is going very well. I’m very excited but have had to take some time off to ferry my cat to the vet. Tonight I’m skyping the kitty litter boxes. Have to get a sample. Yuck. At least I don’t have to sit in the kitty litter room and wait it out. He won’t be spooked by Skype I hope. Life is strange and funny. You can laugh or you can cry. I find laughing a bit more therapeutic but sometimes . . .

Nothing to do with writing but my favorite Korean band, Big Bang, is in the midst of an amazing comeback. Dare you to check them out on youtube. Loser ( and BaeBae ( are the newly released singles.Loser is sad but a cool song. The MV for BaeBae is trippy.

Happy giraffes for all of you! Belinda