Writing 101: Pass it On

One of the nice things about being in a writer’s critique group is getting to know your fellow writers. However, sometimes it takes reading a book and an interview to really get to know them. I recently read Bad Lands by Stephan Loy and was pleasantly surprised to find the following interview.

Stephan Loy Interview

Bad Lands is a Weird Western where anything can happen. It’s a mashup of western with sci fi that also incorporates the multi-universe theory.¬†I encourage you to check out both the interview and Stephan’s books (Bad Lands is available for Kindle). Be warned. You never know which multiverse you might end up in!

On the personal writing front, HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!!!! That means less time for writing as I get buried in costume making. Medieval dresses are complete but one, plaid pleated skirt is next and then finishing the last medieval dress in time to prepare for a party Friday night. We are throwing a laid back party this year, but still have some Halloween Hijinks planned: Halloween Howling (think caroling but spookier), Glow Stick freeze tag, painting small pumpkins and sneaking then onto unadorned porches, and other tricks and treats!

I love Halloween. It’s a perfect opportunity to get into character, play a role and pretend. Happy Halloween! ¬†Belinda (aka Nana Osaki)